Directorate of Horticulture, Gujarat State Gandhinagar

State has achieved considerable growth rate in horticulture during last five years because of serious efforts made by the State Govt. The area & production of horticulture crop was 5.89 lakh ha (5 %of total cropped area) & 59.49 lakh tons in 1998-1999 which increased up to 14.04 lakh ha. & 180.16 lakh tons respectively in 2010-11.State has strong cooperative credit & marketing structure, alongwith 265 cold storages having 12.50 lakh mt. storage capacity. About 42 fruit & vegetable co-operative marketing societies and 197 Agriculture Produce Market Committees ( APMCs) dealing with selling & buying of horticulture produce in the State. These have been mandate to maintain utmost transparency for dealing to ensure farmers against exploitation by middlemen.

Agriculture Export Zone for dehydrated onion & zone for fruits - vegetables has been established, which will be the back bone to boost horticultural development in the state. State having ample potential to export various horticultural produce. The main produce are fresh fruits which includes mangoes (Kesar and Alphonso ) , Sapota , Aonla and Dates (khalal). The vegetables viz. okra, beans, bitter gourd, onion fresh as well as flacks and powder, garlic powder and gourds.. The spices viz. cumin, fennel and garlic are also potential for export.

In floriculture, major flowers grown in the state are Roses (Deshi & Hybrid), Lily, Marigold, Jasmine & Tuberose. As far as area under floriculture is concerned, about 15000 ha. area is covered under these crops in the state. Flowers like carnation, gerbera & rose are also cultivated by using Hi-tech Green house technology in some of the districts. Isabgol , Aloevera , Senna, Gugal, Safed musali, Ashvagandha, Kadu-kariyatu, Kaucha, and kalmegh etc. are being mainly cultivated in the different parts of the State. But the assure market is the major constraints for the development of these crops, however, Isabgul has find the way to the world market.

Dehydrated vegetables, Canned vegetables, Mango Pulp, Juices, Pickles - chuteny (Sauce) & ketchup are the important processed products of the state. Onion dehydration industry of the state is biggest in the country & it comprises 80% of total onion dehydration units, which process nearly one lakh ton onion and one lakh ton fruits and vegetables annually. Nearly half of the produce are being exported. Approximately 0.10 lakh ton of Isubgul husk is processed and 0.06 lakh ton of husk is exported to various countries. Mango, Banana, Guava, Chikoo, Papaya, Potato, Onion, Garlic, Cumin, Fennel, & Isabgul are the focused crops for the value addition.

Grapes, cashew, medicinal & aromatic crops like aloevera, palmarosa are emerging as a potential- new crops in suitable areas of the state. Investment in Greenhouses, floriculture & medicinal plant projects, tissue culture units, fruit & vegetable processing units are initiated in the state which show shining future of horticulture in the state.

Statement of Area & Production of Horticulture Crops during X Plan Period

(Area in lakh ha, Production in lakh t,)

Sr. No. Year Area Production
1 2001-02 6.91 62.01
2 2002-03 7.55 68.21
3 2003-04 9.48 86.53
4 2004-05 9.70 94.61
5 2005-06 11.04 116.74
6 2006-07 11.25 122.35
7 2007-08 12.43 144.74
8 2008-09 13.09 138.17
9 2009-10 12.69 152.74
10 2010-11 14.04 180.16

Gujarat’s share in All India production (2010-11)

Crop Production (lakh t.) Share in %
Gujarat India
Papaya 9.7 41.96 23.11
Sapota 2.88 14.24 20.22
Banana 39.78 297.80 13.36

Gujarat enjoying leading position in some of the fruit and vegetable crops in all India productivity rank. (2010-11)

Crop Productivity (t. / ha.) Rank
Gujarat India
Onion 24.4 14.2 1
Potato 28.8 22.7 2
Banana 61.5 35.9 2
Pomegranate 10.4 6.9 3
Tomato 25.2 19.5 1


To increase the area, production and productivity of horticulture crops, various horticulture development programmes are to be implemented during XI plan (2007-2012) with main strategy as...

Increase Area, Production and Productivity through........
  • Cultivation on waste / fallow land,
  • Boarder plantation,
  • Inter cropping & crop rotation,
  • Replacement of low value agricultural crops
  • Quality planting material,
  • Micro irrigation system
  • Cultivation of new crops.
  • High density plantation.
  • Cultivation in compact block according cluster approach.
Increase quality with......
  • Corporate / contract farming.
  • Hi-tech horticulture.
  • Organic farming.
Marketing, Processing and Export will be boosted through.....
  • Farmers will be trained for post harvest, packaging and orchard management.
  • Export oriented production practices.
  • Create infrastructure facilities
  • Promotion of PPP concept
Strengthening of promotional activities.....
  • E-commerce will be encouraged.
  • Improve quality of Kesar and Alphonso mango to increase export.
  • Improve quality of banana to tap the huge export potential.
  • Special emphasis will be given for the cultivation of spices, aromatic and medicinal plants.

The Programme enumeration into...

  • Program for poor farmers,
  • Program for input subsidy for horticulture
  • Program for extension activity
  • Program for Financial assistance for Hi-tech, post-harvest management, Marketing, Export & Infrastructure development in horticulture
  • Program for exhibition cum competition.
  • Program for Establishment & strengthening of Nursery
  • Program for Women Empowerment in Horticulture
  • Gujarat Horticulture mission
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